Featured image for Dieline’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide; The Brand Merch Edition

Dieline’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide; The Brand Merch Edition

by Chloe Gordon on 11/16/2023 | 7 Minute Read

When someone heaps praise on your gifting abilities, it's one of the best compliments you can ever receive. It's right up there next to folks telling you you have it all together or always smell good. There’s something rewarding about knowing what you're gifting is appreciated, especially during the time of the year when everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to keep the turkeys basted, the trees lit, and the family drama to an absolute minimum.

This year, in honor of the influencers declaring November 1st the official start to the holiday season, I've wrapped up thirty gifts from some of the beloved brands that grace our pages. You'll see beautifully designed merch from some of our favorite Dieline stalwarts, like Ghia and Vacation or Super Gay Spirits and Seemore Meats. The brand merch love is real and calling your name. 

What's more, we've tailor-made our gift guide to every type of family member or friend to simplify the holiday season. So get your credit cards ready, and check those lists twice. 

Graza Oven Mitt: For your quirky friend who sometimes shows up to dinner in bright checkered pants but also enjoys cooking meals that are a tad more elaborate than a pre-made Trader Joe's dinner.

Fishwife’s Tinned Fish Serving Set: For your friend whose home looks straight out of Santorini and almost always opts for a tuna sandwich at lunch instead of a classic club.


Offfield’s Run High Mens Singlet: For your secret stoner friend who lives a double life of constantly having the munchies but is also intrigued by all things biohacking. The struggle is real, and only certain gifts suffice.


Tank Garage Winery’s White Zin T-Shirt: For your friend who loves everything about wine culture, except the people.


Mojave Mallow’s Don’t Harsh My Mallow T-Shirt: For the friend whose bucket list includes making s'mores in Joshua Tree.


Supergay’s Supergay T-Shirt: For your bestie who absolutely needs some Super Gay gear.


Vacation’s Super Spritz Business Mug: For your friend who works in a cubicle but wishes they worked from a six-bedroom eight-bathroom home on a mahogany desk overlooking a private lake with one to three swans floating peacefully by every morning at 8:35 am sharp.


Goodles’ Shella Cute Hoodie: For your friend whose taste buds never developed past that of a five-year-old, but they somehow pull it off in a way you're only kind of jealous of them for it.


La Colombe Everyday Cold Cup: For the friend who loves empowering the community, bettering the planet, and fighting for equality but also needs six to seven cups of coffee before they even start thinking about tackling their day.


Coffee Supreme’s Cappuccino Cap: For your friend who doesn’t understand the concept of decaf and never will.


Can-Tini’s White Rope Hat: For your friend who’s obsessed with martinis, so much so that they aren't ashamed to drink them out of a can.


Omsom’s Muay Thai Shorts: For your friend who's been talking about how they've been wanting to try Muay Thai lessons for months on end but hasn't yet mustered up the courage to sign up for them.


Le Puzz’s Big Yellow Bag: For your grandma-millennial friend known to bring their knitting supplies and/or a puzzle with them whenever they know they'll have at least thirty minutes of downtime.


TRUFF’s Geometric Logo Grilling Spatula:For your friend in finance who's known to cook things like lobster rigatoni, wagyu beef with truffle mashed potatoes, or lamb chops with blackberry chutney even though they work 80-100 hours a week.


Sanzo x Nettie’s Pickleball Paddle: For your friend with a niche interest in Asian flavors and is also rated 5.5+ in pickleball.

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 1.59.25?PM.png

Brooklyn Delhi’s Vibrant India Cookbook: For your foodie friend who won't stop complaining about how hard it is to find innovative cookbooks for people who don't eat meat.


Rubirosa’s San Gennaro Tee: For your small-town friend obsessed with NYC hustle and bustle culture but will never move there because of said hustle and bustle.


Single & Fat’s Alumni Hat: For your proudly extroverted, overly confident friend who goes on vacation not for the scenery or views or architecture or shopping or people but for the food.


Eat Seemore’s Sausage Hoops: For the friend that constantly breaks out in THIS famous hit from peak internet culture.


Figlia Daughter Tote: For the friend who goes holiday shopping with the "one for you, one for me" mindset.


Pleasing’s Fancy Friends Crewneck: For the Harry Styles-coded friend who knows everything from his height to his birthday to the hairdresser who just gave him his infamous buzz cut.


Deux’s Subtle T-Shirt: For your quirky tee shirt-wearing friend who always finds the hidden gem tees at the thrift store but also loves supporting small businesses.


Mercado Famous’ Hoodie: For your one friend who won't shut up about how much they're obsessed with charcuterie.


Ghia’s Totem Glasses: For your friend who doesn't drink alcohol but loves postmodern design and the idea of drinking a mocktail from gorgeous glassware.


KFC’s Holiday Hoodie: For your WFH friend who always texts you on their lunch break asking if you want to split a bucket of fried chicken from KFC for lunch.


Cane’s Fingers Trucker Hat: For your good 'ole southern friend who asks you which fast food restaurant has the best chicken fingers every time you see them and will never be satisfied with your answer unless it's "Raising Cane's."


Costco’s Logo Joggers: For your friend whose idea of a perfect Sunday includes a Costco run with a food court glizzy and a slice of pepperoni pizza.


Glossier’s Beauty Bag: For your TikTok-obsessed friend who can't stop talking about which new bronzer or translucent powder Alix Earle is wearing.


Heinz’s Personalized Ketchup Bottles: For your friend who likes their breakfast to include ketchup and a side of eggs.


Foxtrot’s Fanny Pack: For your friend who always comes over to your house and asks if they can take a peek in your pantry because they need something quick to snack on.