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Transcendence Coffee’s Joyful Packaging Modifies The Coffee Industry

by Chloe Gordon on 01/09/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Because coffee shops—well, mostly Starbucks—come filled with over-sweetened lattes that deserve to be called "milkshakes" and endless seasonal flavors that miss the mark, the art of the culture and tasting notes of the beans themselves have fallen by the wayside. So to bring back the craft of coffee, Transcendence Coffee was founded by two female engineers who double as baristas. 

Melbourne-based design studio NED designed the brand's packaging with a whimsical approach at the forefront of the design. The product line has two main focuses—coffee flavoring syrups and beans. 


The bean packaging features a classic bag, but the brand's charming typeface and mascot, "Travie," create a playful aesthetic, bringing a modern twist to the packaging system. Towards the top of the bag, buzzwords like "global, conscious, and influenced" create a mesmerizing pattern with the white text color almost matching that of the cream-colored bag. In contrast to the copy, the pop of orange in the logo and sticker-inspired logo mark creates an energetic burst, while the deep green hue of Travie adds a hint of richness. 


Simultaneously, the flavoring syrup is packaged in a glass bottle, affixed with a wooden stopper. The bottle's label is consistent with the bean's packaging, the main difference being the horizontal orientation of the bigger, bolder typography. The two syrups, Indian Gulab Jamun and Algerian Baklava, each feature a different, pastel-hued label, creating a gentle approach balanced with the more vibrant orange hues. 

The charming color palette is a much-welcomed detour from stereotypical, dark—dare we say mysterious—coffee packaging. While most brands focused on specialty coffee beans and all-natural ingredients move in a more understated direction, Transcendence has elevated the industry into a more welcoming, cheerful space. All to prove that joyful packaging can still pay homage to the flavors and cultures of coffee from around the world. 

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