Featured image for PAX MINI, PAX PLUS And PAX ERA New Vibrant Design Language

PAX MINI, PAX PLUS And PAX ERA New Vibrant Design Language

by Chloe Gordon on 01/06/2023 | 2 Minute Read


Strategically, the package redesign of PAX’s long-standing flagship devices is based on an overall move to shift the brand away from a tech-hardware positioning to a more lifestyle-oriented cannabis-flower brand.

Visually this means an overall more accessible and vibrant design language that is also reflected in the overall identity system of which these packages are the foundation. Given the innovative nature and quality of the devices, the MINI & PLUS line is set at a premium price point which translates into a more elegant expression (minimal, subtle typography, and carefully considered tone-on-tone colorways.)


The ERA line is more accessible and fun - its design is bold, expressive, vibrant, and theme-based with the first theme being a ’Neon Ultra’ color story. Both executions focus on a 'less is more' approach prioritizing sustainability over design complexities: The MINI & PLUS sleeve is bespoke, and the rest of the package is a 'one size fits all' fully recyclable box construction. Similarly, the ERA package utilizes a universal tray that showcases the device on the package facade without using product photography which reduces surface space. All structures are custom engineered and designed to reflect complex cannabis regulatory mandates such as child proofing, legal language requirements, etc.