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Dieline's Friday Wrap Up: Filet-O-Felts, Equinox Duolingo, and Sexy Bluetooth Speakers

by Bill McCool on 01/06/2023 | 3 Minute Read

Happy New Year, kids. 

How was the break? Are we good? Did we rest? Are we detoxing? Are we going even harder AF? Good.

I’m not a fan of resolutions because I know myself, and I often has problems following through with my personal well-being and physical—and mental, spiritual, whatever—health. But if there’s one thing I’d at least like to attempt is to spend a little less time on my phone (and Twitter). Given just how toxic and harmful social media is, particularly for teenagers, I’m always surprised that legions of them haven’t opted out entirely. That’s why I was keen on this piece from Alex Vadukul in The New York Times about the “Luddite Club,” a group of NYC high schoolers that have switched to flip phones and ditched social media and technology. I don’t know if a dozen or so kids with Wire-style burners is a genuine movement, but I'm here for it.

Anyway, living inside your phone isn't ideal, and I’m writing this as a note on my phone. So, yeah.

On to the links!


It's Been a Long December and There's Reason to Believe Maybe This Month Will Be a Sweaty January

I saw the Equinox “We Don’t Speak January” New York Times ad about resolution porn and the influx of “new year new me-isms” making its way around the interwebs, and I thought to myself, boy, this sure does look like some of the emails I get from COLLINS every once in a while. Sure enough, a few days later, I saw that COLLINS actually helped develop the ad. It’s pretty good, even if it’s getting a little backlash in the press and on social for being insensitive to folks looking to make a fresh start.

Anywho, resolutions are thorny, complicated things. We’re all just doing the best we can. Just be as kind to yourself as possible.

I’m Lovin’ (and Sewin’) It

In the mad rush to get a lot of our end-of-year content up, we missed this story from Design Boom about artist Lucy Sparrow's show at Miami Art Week, where she opened her own McDonald’s made entirely from felt. The exhibition is closed now, but you can still purchase a felt combo meal from Sparrow.

center (14).png

Always For Here

Speaking of McDonald's, check out Rudy’s piece on how French fast food restaurants can no longer use single-use packaging on “for here” orders and whether or not it’s something QSRs in the US could ever adopt.


Sexy Speakers

Sex toy or speaker is my new favorite quiz, even if BuzzFeed likely published this ten times already, so thanks for this Fast Company.


Instant Shoes

My kids are quickly turning into ramen obsessives, and now, because of Chloe’s piece this past week, I also need to get the Cup Noodle Converse. Of course, with a $100 sticker price, maybe it’s time to break out the Sharpies.


Give Me A William Eggleston Afterworld

What’s that you say, David Zwirner Books? 90 never before seen Kodachrome images by photographer William Eggleston from the 60s and 70s? I’ll take three.


Moonifest Destiny

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we’re in another space race, with the US and China potentially grappling over lunar resources. On the one hand, I cannot help but shit all over Elon’s Quixote-esque Mars mania and the billionaire space race. But on the other hand, space competition breeds serious technological advancement and some pretty sick space aesthetics. To the moon, baby!