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Oni Jewelry's Packaging Is As Memorable As The Charms Within

by Chloe Gordon on 01/04/2023 | 2 Minute Read


Oni is a Thai-based jewelry brand that creates elaborate charms and basics specifically designed to mix and match on various types of jewelry.

Nice People's design solution was to create something as memorable and unique as the charms. The custom mono-lined wordmark with a curvy N convey's the versatility of the brand. It's a logo that can be used both large and small — from a large overlay at the top of the site, to a microscopic engraving on each piece of jewelry.

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The packaging design hypes up their hero product with an unboxing experience that reveals the message "A piece of you awaits". Around the box insert is a type treatment pattern and a custom suede pouch with a blind embossed monogram mark that can be kept to store the charms in. All these details are contained in a magnetic closure box with a spot-gloss printed logo perfectly place in the lower left corner of this keepsake box.

The messaging and strategy of the brand conveys the concept that jewelry is so much more than the materialistic. To the wearer, this jewelry encapsulates a memory, identity, and meaning — inviting everyone to Wear Your Story.

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