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Flaus Is An Electric Flosser With Funky Branding That Greatly Reduces Plastic

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/31/2023 | 2 Minute Read

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends flossing our teeth once daily as part of good oral hygiene. Unfortunately, nearly all floss is unrecyclable; the dispenser is also made of plastic. If everyone in the U.S. flossed according to ADA recommendations, the amount of floss used could wrap around the Earth 1,246 times, and the containers could fill two football fields six stories tall.

Flaus is a new oral care brand that minimizes the plastic required for flossing. Flaus’ packaging is plastic-free, the mailer is compostable, and the handle utilizes infinitely recyclable aluminum. The floss heads use 95% less dental floss and get made of recyclable plastic, which Flaus says you can toss into the recycle bin.


Branding, designed by Universal Favourite, steers away from typical dental care brand tropes. Instead, Flaus’ wordmark uses a funky and thick font that resembles teeth, especially the “A” and “U.” Throw in an exciting and vibrant neon green, and you'll forget you're in the oral care aisle.


What's more, the packaging is made entirely of cardboard in Flaus’ neon green color. The wordmark comes embossed on the front, and you'll find line drawings of the device on one of the panels. The inside of the box is white and silver with a pattern made up of the Flaus logo. Underneath the flap of the floss head refill box, a dad joke greets the customer, “It’s got a nice string to it." At the start of the tear strip, it says “tear” in Braille.


Flossing our teeth doesn’t have to take a pile of plastic, nor does a dental care brand have to be boring. Flaus is a prime example, combining playful and bright branding with careful consideration paid to materials, choosing recyclable and compostable substrates where possible, and minimizing the use of plastic.


Flaus is now available directly on its website after a successful crowdsourcing campaign.

Images courtesy of Flaus.