Featured image for Coca-Cola Celebrates Lunar New Year With Campaign By Ogilvy Shanghai

Coca-Cola Celebrates Lunar New Year With Campaign By Ogilvy Shanghai

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/24/2023 | 1 Minute Read

Lunar New Year brings together multiple generations of families, each with its own traditions, fostering a sense of togetherness and magic. That is the theme behind Coca-Cola Asia’s Lunar New Year campaign, created by Ogilvy Shanghai.

The New Year's campaign features a family of rabbits spanning multiple generations, each with a unique personality. The grandmother is the culinary one of the family, the grandfather is about culture, the father is athletic, the mother is the fashionable rabbit of the family, the granddaughter loves music, and the grandson is into the metaverse. Special packaging featuring each rabbit is also part of the campaign, portrayed in all that empty middle space courtesy of last year’s Coca-Cola brand refresh.


Additionally, each Lunar New Year edition has a QR code that activates an AR experience where the campaign’s rabbit family interacts with the user to help take fun family portraits and create shareable virtual greeting cards.

“We are incredibly proud of this Year of the Rabbit campaign with Coca-Cola, which once again pushed new creative boundaries at the intersection of culture, innovative technology, and storytelling,” said Wei Fei, group executive creative director at Ogilvy Shanghai. “It is an invitation to come together through highly engaging mobile experiences and appreciate the special moments that make the Lunar New Year so magical.”

Images courtesy of Coca-Cola.