Featured image for Tallo's Label Features A Juicy Typography System

Tallo's Label Features A Juicy Typography System

by Chloe Gordon on 01/02/2023 | 1 Minute Read

Based in Argentina, Tallo is a cold juice brand focused on creating an environment that balances a sense of humor with a healthy mindset. The brand's packaging is designed by Mauricio Gallegos and PAZ MIAMOR, with a rounded typography system at the core of the design. There's a clear fruit influence behind the design, and while the typography takes a maximalist approach, the layout is simple, creating a balanced, cultivated design.


Tallo is a start-up brand of cold-press juices produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The main idea is to play with the meaning of the word, representing the flower or fruit rather than the stem itself.

The colours of these juices are vibrant and pastel at the same time, so we chose to use a free colour palette to create a fun environment with many possibilities and combinations.


In addition to a bold geometric display logo, small line illustrations are also used in the label to represent fruits and vegetables, referencing kids' drawings, especially Feli and Juani.