Featured image for Making Legumes Groovy With Bloom Legume's 70s Inspired Packaging

Making Legumes Groovy With Bloom Legume's 70s Inspired Packaging

by Chloe Gordon on 01/19/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Inspired by a freethinking mindset, Bloom Legume's packaging design highlights psychedelic patterns fused with a retro aesthetic. Designed by Hnycomb Studio, the snack's packaging showcases a loose interpretation of 70s culture while maintaining a fresh, modern approach.


Bloom Legume is a new era of legume products that meets the eat ‘’clean’’ and feel good idea. The brand was inspired by the hippie motto which was born in the ’70s: ‘’feel good, do good!‘’. The Bloom Legume packaging features psychedelic patterns and a vintage vibe combined with the blooming legume sprouts! We wanted to say ‘’Lentils and Chickpeas can be fun too’’ to the new generation snackers with our brand identity.

As we say “feel good, do good”, the design was inspired by the "flower-power" children, representing a culture, based on enjoying life and creating good things. Likewise, that's how a new generation of snackers should feel with the ingredients at Bloom Legume. The design is blooming with the legume sprouts and says, '' flower-power'' and the groovy colors are representing the 70's culture. Creative solution was to dedicate the content of the product to the spirit of an iconic era.