Featured image for Dia Elis' Olive Oil Packaging Features Olympian Sophistication

Dia Elis' Olive Oil Packaging Features Olympian Sophistication

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/12/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Cultivated for thousands of years, olives are a fruit native to the Mediterranean basin. According to the International Olive Council, an organization devoted to promoting and supporting table olives and olive oil, an estimated 3 million tons of oil get produced annually.

The longtime consumption of olive oil and its connection to ancient Greek culture inspire Dia Elis’ packaging. Elis, located in the Peloponnese area, was home to the ancient Olympics and where Dia Elis’ Koroneiki olives are grown and cold-pressed into EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).


Packaged in handmade 300ml ceramic bottles and designed by G Design Stduo, Dia Elis’ white vessels are intentionally modeled to resemble classic Greek columns. The slender, fluted bottles complete the classical Greek architectural look with a square box that unfolds to reveal a slim neck and wooden cap inside. The container and the top of the cap feature Dia Elis’ logo of a female athlete mid-stride. 

Typography also found inspiration in antiquity, and Dia Elis’ packaging uses slim, serif fonts to complete the Classic Greek look. A poem is printed on one panel of the box top, while another boasts the high phenolic count of Dia Elis’ oil.


Dia Elis’ packaging does a fantastic job of exuding sophistication and quality while tying olive oil to its ancient, Mediterranean roots with allusions to local Greek culture. Dia Elis’ packaging celebrates the vaulted role of the priestess of ancient times and modern female Olympians in an elegant way. Dia Elis is also a prime example of looking past retro 80s and 90s themes, going way back to ancient, classical design, as pointed out by Dieline’s latest trend report.