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Sprite Releases a New Line Of Caffeine-Enhanced Sodas

by Chloe Gordon on 09/08/2022 | 2 Minute Read

We all know and love Sprite as a refreshing lemon-lime and caffeine-free soda. And while we didn't think Coca-Cola would change anything after its massive global rebrand, they announced two new additions to its steady range of products to shake things up. 

The two new products, Lemon+ and Lemon+ Zero Sugar, kick the lime flavor to the curb and add a splash of caffeine. Developed for the ASEAN and South Pacific markets, the campaign surrounding the lemon-flavored release inspires consumers to "think zesty," fueled by both the lemon notes as well as the caffeinated addition. 

The packaging system leans into a lemon's zingy yellow hue with an oversized lemon-inspired pattern, showcasing giant yet soft wedges as the background. And while the white space where the wedges meet might appear incidental, after a closer look, it mimics Sprite's original starburst shape.

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The bottle design obviously falls in line with the recent Sprite update by Turner Duckworth and Coca-Cola, and it features a clear bottle with a yellow label, implemented across all of the brand's products as the green, colored plastic is difficult to recycle. Additionally, the zero-sugar products highlights a black wordmark, while the regular products stick with a simple green and yellow color palette.

While the caffeinated lemon version of Sprite is currently only available in ASEAN and South Pacific, I'm hoping it will eventually make its way to North America. While I'm not a fan of sodas outside of the great and powerful lemon and lime one, I sometimes wish Sprite had a caffeinated pick-me-up like other brands.

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