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Aquatic Architect Martin Schapira Designed a Striking Bottle For Patsch Tequila

by Chloe Gordon on 09/07/2022 | 3 Minute Read

There are architects, and we know all about their fancy building designs and protractors. But, beyond designing and overseeing the construction of a magnificent structure, there's a special subsector known as luxury aquatic architects. This subgroup focuses on developing all types of water shapes and features, from small backyard pools to massive aquariums and ponds. 

New York-based Martin Schapira is a well-known aquatic architect, best known for his work as a co-lead designer for Okeanos, where he completed over 500 renowned projects that are globally recognized and celebrated worldwide. 

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Most recently, however, Schapira developed a different kind of design for liquid. 

The brand began as a passion project. Schapira is interested in the world of tequila, from its different flavor palettes and its history to how it gets made. After ten years of celebrating his passion behind the libation, he realized he had gained enough knowledge to start his own tequila brand. 

Inspired by the abstractness of fashion designer Alexander McQueen's work and centuries-old glass molding techniques, Schapira designed a luxurious bottle for Patsch Tequila, the brand he co-founded alongside venture capitalist Steven Davis.

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The slightly flattened, balloon-shaped bottom and long, skinny neck instantly make the bottle stand out with its perfectly imperfect edges. Yet, when paired with the juxtaposition of the glass knuckle handle and spiked caps, the bottle turns into an edgy subversion to traditional tequila bottles. Further, the resin top is hand-painted and sanded until perfectly smooth. The overall design balances delicateness and provocativeness in creating a striking bottle.  

Schapira wanted to fill a void he found in the tequila industry. He saw high-level brands with excellent packaging designs and awful-tasting tequila with artificial ingredients and brands with great-tasting tequila with terrible packaging designs. So why not both?

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Beyond finding inspiration from McQueen and architecture, Schapira credits his design skills and proficiency to Murray Moss, the American entrepreneur and founder of the design art company Moss and the design consultancy Moss Bureau. "Moss was a mentor to me, and, for years, I used to shut up and listen to him speak," commented Schapira, "To listen to that level of genius share his knowledge with you is more than anyone could ever gain if they were in school or college. I lost my ego and absorbed his thoughts like a sponge. I credit Moss for all my knowledge." 

There's nothing quite like this bottle design on the market, and it's clear that Schapira used his architectural roots and knowledge to create something fresh beyond just a striking label. Patsch Tequila is a brand about quality on every level, from the packaging design to the product to the experience. 

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