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The One With The Coffee House: 'Friends' Central Perk Coffee Packaging Coming To an Oversized Mug Near You

by Nooneh Gyurjyan on 09/05/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Warner Bros. has announced the 2023 opening of Central Perk, a Friends-themed cafe inspired by the show's coffee house. While the cafe location is currently unknown, it’s sure to attract Friends-loving 90s nostalgics from all over.

Like any great TV show, Friends has never lost relevance since it ended in 2004, thanks to its time on Netflix and HBO Max garnering new viewers from the streaming generation. This announcement only confirms its ever-increasing popularity and that Max subscribers will have until 2026 to binge the show a few more times.

We can only imagine what the coffeehouse will look like and whether it will be a recreation of the show’s New York coffee shop that the cast of characters frequented so often. Likely it will satisfy every hardcore fan’s dream to enjoy a cup of coffee and participate in the coffee culture that drove so much of the show’s plot.

The announcement of the 2023 opening also included the immediate launch of Central Perk Coffee, a dedicated coffee line promising high-quality artisanal roasts. While you wait for the cafe to open, you can already order Central Perk Coffee, opting for individual roasts or a customizable coffee subscription. 

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The Coffee roasts come named after memorable moments on the show, like the “How You Doin’?” medium roast, the “Pivot Blend” medium dark roast, and best of all, the “We Were on a Coffee Break” dark roast. The packaging designed by Los Angeles-based GreenLight includes the familiar symbol of the fictional Central Perk coffeehouse from the show, as well as corresponding illustrations—like a couch for the “Pivot Blend”—against the unifying background of the New York skyline.

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