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Female Founder, Jilly Hendrix, Is Taking Over The Male-Dominated Spirits Industry With BODY

by Chloe Gordon on 09/05/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Founded by Jilly Hendrix, BODY is a female-founded vodka brand that's reimagining the male-dominated spirits industry. The packaging, designed by DeCou Studio, and logo and label design, created by Siggi Odds, is whimsically romantic. Pairing this organic yet psychedelic typeface with a label filled mostly with white space opens the brand to a playfully modern yet refined aesthetic. The design is simple, but the pronounced typeface and cheerful blue make for a remarkable design.

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BODY is the first of its kind lower proof vodka option that is 60 proof and 10 times distilled. BODY’S unique and proprietary formula is offering consumers a 25% less alcohol alternative to standard 80 proof vodkas and other high proof spirits. BODY is redefining the industry by bringing low proof vodka to the forefront by making a 60 proof spirit option more accessible to consumers. BODY is filling a need for people who want to drink but who want lower alcoholic spirit options. Although there are a lot of lower alcohol RTD beverages, there are not many low proof hard alcohol options available on the market and BODY wants to change this. BODY focuses on providing consumers a quality low proof vodka alternative that isn’t typically offered at bars and restaurants. 

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Founded by Jilly Hendrix (CEO), BODY is also redefining the industry by being one of the only female founded and female formulated alcohol brands in a traditionally male dominated industry. There are very few C-suite teams that are all women in the spirit space and BODY is changing this. 

BODY is using the newest technology to grow their audience and is one of the first brands to use an NFT as a loyalty program. BODY is launching with a collectible (NFT) on Tyler Haney’s brand loyalty platform TYB. Fans can get a BODY Social Club collectible which gets them access to BODY events in their area with partners like Otherland and Ray’s. 

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