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Coca-Cola Introduces RTD Cocktail Line 'Fresca Mixed'

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/29/2022 | 2 Minute Read

When Coca-Cola introduced Fresca in 1966, it positioned the grapefruit-flavored soda as a new beverage and a cocktail mixer as the citrusy flavor pairs well with popular spirits such as vodka, rum, and tequila. 

Coca-Cola has now announced Fresca Mixed, a new line of RTD cocktails made with real spirits and Fresca, made and distributed in partnership with Constellation Brands.

Available in two flavors, Vodka Spritz and Tequila Paloma, Fresca Mixed comes in 12oz cans, making it cooler-ready in a category full of slim cans. The labels don’t stray far from the existing non-alcoholic Fresca line visually, and the background features a pattern made from the Fresca fan graphic. That same fan also appears on the front of the can and comes anchored with the tagline “Born to be mixed since 1966.” The Fresca wordmark remains unchanged, although it is accompanied by “Mixed” with a slightly larger “X.” Vodka Spritz sports a blue-based color palette, while the Tequila Paloma comes dressed in copper and yellow. A smart-looking “5% Real Spirit By ABV” is placed on the center front of the can, distinguishing it from Fresca Mixed’s malt-alcohol-based competition.

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“We know that many Fresca drinkers enjoy it as a mixer with alcohol spirits to create their favorite cocktails, in addition to enjoying it as a sparkling citrus drink,” said Dan White, chief of new revenue streams for Coca-Cola Company North America, via press release. “With the Constellation Brands teams’ consumer-first approach and distilled beverage expertise, coupled with the delicious and classic grapefruit Fresca recipe created by The Coca-Cola Company, we believe people will be curious and excited to try the new Fresca Mixed canned cocktails as it hits shelves.”

Fresca Mixed is the latest boozy venture for Coca-Cola, following on the heels of an RTD Jack Daniels and Coke and Topo Chico Hard Seltzer.

Images courtesy of Coca-Cola.