Featured image for TEALEAVES Transports You to The Himalayas

TEALEAVES Transports You to The Himalayas

by Nooneh Gyurjyan on 09/23/2022 | 2 Minute Read

TEALEAVES’ Goji Berry tea packaging is innovative in its transformative qualities. Designed by the TEALEAVES In-House Design Team, the tea is held in an unassuming minimalist exterior that opens up to reveal a vibrant and striking image of a sunset in the Himalayas where the tea is sourced and harvested, adding a ceremonial feel to the already ritualistic act of drinking tea.

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The ridged top (black with gold foiling) is designed to encapsulate the unfolding insert to create a ritualistic unboxing experience, revealing the monolithic black tin on the inside, which then houses the fragrant goji berry loose leaf tea blend. We wanted to create a unique unboxing experience that would “surprise and delight” our consumers. The outer packaging of the folding box is unassuming, a minimalist matte black exterior void of excess information.

The folding box fits flush and the insert is held together by the black rigid box, and upon removing the rigid box, the user gains access to the black cylindrical tin found inside. The diecut of the paper insert is inspired by camellia sinensis flower petals, and the user is greeted by bright effervescent artwork punctuated by the striking silhouette of the Himalayan mountains and information related to the wild grown gob-chis and the story of the women who harvest them. The range of colors on the insert creates a stark contrast to the black cylindrical tin found inside.

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The use of gold foil and textured black paper create a luxurious tactile feel. The gold foiling carries the tradition of the TEALEAVES brand forward, with a full T Logo featured on the top of the black box, along with the TEALEAVES wordmark on the backside. This element of consistency maintains a chronological throughline in TEALEAVES brand expression. 

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph