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YouTube Creators Brooklyn and Bailey Launch Skincare Line itk

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/21/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight are identical twins and YouTube creators with 6.98 million subscribers. Now, in addition to being vloggers, the McKnight twins are putting their business education and aesthetics to use, partnering with beauty incubator Maesa to launch itk, their new line of skincare products.

The packaging and branding are a blend of sleek technology and warm earthiness. The typography and QR codes on the front remind us of founders Brooklyn and Bailey’s cyber roots as vloggers, while loamy reds, greens, and gold imbue the packaging with a sophisticated look and feel. Boxes feature the logo cutout, an extra touch to the packaging that elevates its shelf presence.

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itk is aimed at fellow Gen Zers, and the brand relies on the reputation and apparent sincerity of its creator co-founders. The minimal packaging aesthetic with warm colors doesn't scream at the customer from the shelf, something that apparently Gen Z is inured to as a group.

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“We're so excited to finally launch itk in Walmart, a retailer that our audience knows for its convenience, quality, and affordability," says Brooklyn, a licensed aesthetician, in a press release. “Together, we want to simplify skincare and help create habits for healthier skin. Life is complicated enough; skincare doesn't have to be.”

“We hope that with itk, we can help rewrite the average skincare routine, making it accessible price-wise and conceptually—we want our audience to understand what they're applying and why,” said co-founder and sister Bailey. "For the past two years, we've relied on our audience to guide us in this journey in hopes of creating a skincare brand that is truly inclusive for all consumers. Skincare is a personal journey, and we've kept this at itk's core since the start!”

itk is available nationwide at Walmart stores and Walmart.com.

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