Featured image for Blanca Molina's Label Design for 'Agua de Oro' Wins The Gold

Blanca Molina's Label Design for 'Agua de Oro' Wins The Gold

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/12/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Brenda Villa is the most decorated athlete in women's water polo, and she's competed in four Olympics representing the USA, medaling in each, including gold in the 2012 Games in London. She's also a first-generation Mexican-American excelling in aquatics, inspiring Latino youth to learn to swim and participate in water sports.

For Latino Heritage Month, Norwalk Brew House and Brenda Villa partnered to create Agua de Oro, or "Golden Water," a limited edition Mexican-style lager.

In the spirit of its motto of "Make Good Beer, Do Good Things," Norwalk Brew House invited members of homebrew club SoCal Cerveseras to help develop Agua de Oro's recipe. Agua de Oro is also a fundraiser for the Brenda Villa Foundation, a non-profit supporting youth aquatic sports in underserved communities.

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Agua de Oro's label, designed by artist Blanca Molina, is bright and colorful. A big sun sends star-studded rays across the can. A champion's bouquet of roses, marigolds, and calla tulips occupy the bottom corner, with a hummingbird flying above. One of the hummingbird's feathers features the number four, a nod to Villa's Olympic medal count. The fantastic logo is surrounded by golden water drops along the top and bottom and also appears floating above blue water.

"I am beyond thrilled to collaborate with Norwalk Brew House in the release of Agua de Oro. I realized from a young age how lucky I was to become water safe, and I want to pay that forward. I am excited that NBH wants to join in and help spread the message," Brenda Villa said via press release.

Agua de Oro will be available in 16oz cans and limited draft locations throughout LA and Orange County, starting September 15th.