Featured image for Heinz X ThredUP  'Vintage Drip' Collection Celebrates Ketchup Stains

Heinz X ThredUP 'Vintage Drip' Collection Celebrates Ketchup Stains

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/30/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Ketchup stains. 

It’s happened to most of us, or at least someone we know. The tomato-based condiment has just enough grip to cling to foods like french fries, but not so much that it can occasionally drip away onto clothes. The stain can also be difficult to clean away, especially on lighter-colored items.

Heinz, famous for its ketchup, doesn’t see ketchup-stained wear as ruined and wants to reframe them as a fashion statement. To that end, it has teamed up with online consignment and thrift platform thredUP for a limited-edition vintage capsule that celebrates the ketchup drip.

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The Heinz X thredUP collection features 157 streetwear and designer pieces, each with a unique ketchup stain. The collection is described as intentionally gender and size-inclusive, with items in XXS to XXL. All proceeds from the sale of the Heinz Vintage Drip collection will go towards supporting Rise Against Hunger, a non-profit organization fighting international hunger.

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“While Heinz is recognized globally for its iconic glass bottle, keystone, and slow-pouring ketchup, we saw an opportunity to view the stain we’ve been leaving on clothes as another iconic brand symbol and change the narrative from a stain to a statement,” said Alyssa Cicero, Heinz brand manager for brand communications, via press release. “This collection is about sustainably celebrating the character Heinz ketchup stains add to apparel, inviting our fans to embrace a new iconic symbol.”

“At thredUP, we believe every piece of clothing deserves a second life—even summer barbeque casualties," added Erin Wallace, thredUP’s VP of integrated marketing. "We’re thrilled to partner with an iconic brand like Heinz to create the first-ever line of ketchup-stained secondhand clothes, celebrating re-use. This collection offers a unique way for fashion risk-takers and food lovers alike to participate in the circular economy while doing good for people and the planet. We hope it makes a splash…err…drip!”

The entire collection is available exclusively at thredUP. The first drop happens today, with a second drop on September 13th.