Featured image for Gander Designs Pasta Packaging For Lupii's Latest Product Line

Gander Designs Pasta Packaging For Lupii's Latest Product Line

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/30/2022 | 1 Minute Read

Lupin beans are legumes originating in the Mediterranean region. Highly nutritious, they're usually pickled and consumed as a snack food. But you can also ground them into a tasty alternative to wheat flour that's high in protein, fiber, grain-free, and keto-friendly. 

Plant-based food brand Lupii is no stranger to the lupin bean’s potential and announced the addition of pasta to its line of products.

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For the range of lupin-based food, Lupii turned to the agency Gander, and they focused on the “loud and proud lupini queen bean” concept, making the legume the star. Now available in elbow and rotini shapes, with penne coming in a few weeks, Gander incorporates bright and bold colors, mixed in striking combinations that the brand already uses in its line of lupin-based protein bars. Lupii’s wordmark remains the same, and the box's back panel lays out the nutritional advantages of Lupii’s pasta and cooking instructions. 

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And because everyone knows what dry pasta looks like by now, Lupii’s pasta packaging features photography instead of a plastic window, and the entire container is plastic-free.

Lupii’s pasta is available on the brand’s website and Amazon.com.