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Tito’s Sells Empty, Refillable Cans To Let You Know How They Feel About Hard Seltzer

by Chloe Gordon on 08/03/2022 | 2 Minute Read

I happened to have been in college, aka the mecca of binge drinking, when the hard seltzer industry started booming. I couldn't walk two feet from my roommate-filled house without finding at least three different varieties littered across the sidewalks. From White Claw and Truly to Topo Chico and Bud Light (but not the Flannel kind), every brand had something "special" to add to the industry, even if it's just another aluminum can on the self in a pretty crowded market.

Brands are adapting to the changes; Anheuser-Busch, for example, offers hard seltzers like Bon & Viv, Social Club, and Cacti. Even smaller breweries such as Colorado's Oskar Blues Brewery developed a hard seltzer line in addition to its independent craft beer. 

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Yet, while some drinks makers bend to change and consumer whimsy, others stay true to their roots. Texas-based Tito's, a vodka brand on every bartender's shelf, is actively anti-hard seltzer, so much so that the brand developed "Tito's in a Can," a refillable empty container with a removable lid.

"At Tito's, we put our energy into doing one thing, and doing it really well: making a high-quality and smooth vodka at a reasonable price," said Taylor Berry, Tito's vice president of brand marketing. "We developed Tito's in a Can so Tito's drinkers can make their own, better-quality seltzers; ones that are fresh and are as strong or carbonated or citrusy as you want. Because we don't make seltzers, you do."

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The limited-edition can is sustainable thanks to its reusable qualities, plus the insulated steel keeps beverages cooler than a can of aluminum. Tito's in a Can also looks just like a can of hard seltzer, yet the pop-top lid can be infinitely opened and closed, ideal for adding fresh drinks throughout the day. Tito's even states, "ingredients not included," on the front of the can to further clarify their stance on the matter. The design falls in line with other brand’s white labels and swooping bright colors, yet this one won’t end up littered across campus sidewalks across the country. 

You can purchase Tito's in a Can at TitosInACan.com or the Love, Tito's retail store in Austin, Texas. Each can retail for $20, and the proceeds will go towards one of Tito's partner nonprofits of the customer's choosing.