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Mustard Doughnuts Are Officially a Thing, Thanks To French's and Dough Doughnuts

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/02/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Mustard is most associated with savory foods and provides a pungent, spicy kick to food, whether as an ingredient in a bigger dish or doled out as a spread or condiment. But lately, the spice has been branching out, and brands have been experimenting with mustard, adding it to unexpected foods like beer, wine, and even ice cream

And now the mustard mavens at French’s have set their sights on a new sweet treat—doughnuts.

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Partnering with New York’s Dough Doughnuts, French’s and Dough have created a custom doughnut featuring the former’s famous yellow sauce and the latter’s brioche recipe. The top of the doughnuts is slathered in a sweet and savory yellow glaze and finished with mustard cake crumbs. Promotional doughnut boxes are bright yellow, red, and co-branded. Typography is fun and features round shapes reminiscent of doughnuts, while the phrase “wake up and taste the tang” is on the front of the box.

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“We’ve been known to go big for National Mustard Day—with Mustard Ice Cream in 2019, Mustard Beer in 2020, and Mustard Buns in 2021. This year, we’re excited to collaborate with Dough and introduce French’s Mustard Donuts, adding our classic yellow mustard to morning routines,” said Jill Pratt, chief marketing officer for McCormick, French’s parent company, via press release. “We are as committed as ever to showing off new and exciting ways to enjoy this fan-favorite condiment and cannot wait to reinvent breakfast this year.”

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The mustard doughnuts will be available at Dough Doughnuts’ six NYC locations, and a limited number will be available at DoughDoughnuts.com on National Mustard Day, August 6, 2022. French’s and Dough Doughnuts have also shared recipes for their mustard treats at Frenchs.com/MustardDonut.

Images courtesy of French's.