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Miller High Life and Tipsy Release Dive Bar-Flavored Ice Cream

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/16/2022 | 2 Minute Read

A good dive bar pours them cheap and serves them deep, to be sure, but there’s a particular delight to the senses upon entering these laid-back watering holes. A dark, dimly lit bar can have a warm, musky smell from years of revelries and good times; suspended in the air are the aromas of peanuts, alcohol, and pool cue chalk, adding to the entire sensory experience of a night out at the local dive.

Miller High Life, no stranger to dives, has teamed up with boozy ice cream makers Tipsy to create a frozen treat inspired by our favorite things about these sacred spaces—Ice Cream Dive Bars. The chocolate coating is meant to evoke the dark wood and dimly lit characteristics of a bar, while classic tavern snack peanuts, a smoky vanilla flavor, and ice cream infused with Miller High Life round out the flavor profile. Ice Cream Dive Bars get finished with a carbonated candy topping representing Miller High Life's fizzy effervescence.

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The Ice Cream Dive Bars' outer box depicts a bar with coupes (this is the champagne of beers, after all) and bottles with stools arranged underneath. The labels on the ice cream bars are red and beige and co-branded with Tipsy’s logo, just like the outer box.

“These are premium ice cream bars that are reminiscent of all the scents and tastes of the dive bar that you actually want to taste,” said Bob Vydra, associate marketing manager for Miller High Life, in a press release. “They’re an ode to the High Life–in the form of ice cream.”

Ice Cream Dive Bars are available now in Tipsy’s New York locations, on its website, and via Goldbelly.

Images courtesy of Molson Coors.