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Applebee's Releases Wing-Flavored Lip Glosses: Who Says No?

by Bill McCool on 08/01/2022 | 2 Minute Read

A sage, ageless man once said, “you taste like a burger. I don’t like you anymore.”

That is after Elizabeth Banks, her face covered in BBQ sauce, demands that her seemingly immortal beau makeout with her at the cookout on the last day of camp in Wet Hot American Summer, a move akin to what the kids call “goblin mode” or “going hard,” but what I would instead say amounts to a passion for slightly spicy sauces with a hefty kick and a devil-may-care attitude.

Now Applebee’s is also inviting you to “taste their face.”

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Partnering with beauty brand Winky Lux, Applebee’s released Saucy Gloss, a line of lip glosses inspired by the flavors of the liquid gold Applebee’s douses their wings in. Claiming that they’re America’s go-to first date spot (and that they’re really up for being your “wingman”), they released the lip glosses for National Lipstick Day and National Wing Day. In a moment of pure serendipity, they just so happen to fall on the same day.

Flavors like “Get Me Hot Buffalo,” “Sweet Chile Kiss,” “Be My Honey Pepper,” and “Honey BBQ” round out the collection, all of which can be purchased online from Winky Lux for $65. The packaging features an unfussy sans-serif in gold with a similar top accenting the nuclear wing sauce colors contained within.

What’s more, following the Stallion “Hottie Sauce” route, Applebee’s has released what they’re calling the makeout song of the summer, a 2-minute banger called “Taste My Face” with lyrics like “these lips are out of lockdown and inbound so pucker up. I hope you like it spicy because I’m hot sauced glossed up.” The song comes from Grey Global and Townhouse Music, and it even gets a nifty video courtesy of Ariana Grande and Halsey music video director Hannah Lux Davis.

Here’s a genuine chef’s kiss of a PR quote.

“Applebee’s is known for first dates and wings—which are one of our most popular menu items,” said Joel Yashinsky, Applebee’s CMO, in a press release. “So, we partnered with the development team at Winky Lux to create these lip glosses inspired by four of our most popular wing sauces. Find your perfect shade and spice up your date night by adding a little bit of that Applebee’s flavor to make each kiss even more craveable with Saucy Gloss.”

Just an FYI, I have never taken a first date to Applebee’s (rest assured, they were low-class). You could say that makes me a snob, but I would counter that I just know where to find good wings.

But not Buffalo lip gloss. So count me in, Applebee’s.

Images courtesy of Applebee's and Winky Lux.

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