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The Most Beautiful Canned Mocktails That We’re Sipping On This Summer

by Chloe Gordon on 07/07/2022 | 5 Minute Read

The market has exploded with too many canned RTD alcoholic beverages to keep track of—seriously. The next time you're poolside or hanging out by the lake, you'll likely find endless variations on margaritas, Aperol spritzes, and negronis. Hell, even Coca-Cola was feeling genuine FOMO.

But what about the folks thirsty for something without all the booze?

While it might be the summer of canned cocktails, the non-alcoholic market has also caught on, and the rise of these sober-curious RTD beverages is evident. Below we've listed ten canned mocktails that have taken the market by storm, and we're attributing their successes partially to the lovely packaging designs. 

Ghia Le Spritz

Inspired by French and Italian apértifs, Ghia's Le Spritz is a spirits-free apértif with stunning packaging. The brand is known for its minimalistic yet personality-driven packaging, and Le Spritz doesn't disappoint. Designed by Perron Roettinger, the brand's logo takes center stage, and the well-known triangular label stays consistent with the range of other products. The packaging is crisp, light, and idealistically retro, reflective of both the product and the brand's ethos. 

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De Soi

De Soi is a non-alcoholic apértif brand that uses natural adaptogens like maca and lemon balm instead of booze. Founded by Katy Perry and Morgan McLachlan, the brand concentrates on being both fun and engaging. Inspired by the French ethos of delight and discretion, the packaging feels delicate, light, and highly refreshing. 

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Recess Margarita

Recess is a brand that gives consumers a break from life's inevitable stressors with beverages infused with hemp and adaptogens. The packaging quickly strikes consumers' fancy with softly-hued cans and the brand's quintessentially looped logo, creating an atmosphere of pure, refined bliss. Designed by Day Job, the newly released limited-edition Margarita showcases the same calm, cool, and collected packaging.

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House of Love

House of Love is a mocktail created by RuPaul in collaboration with World of Wonder. The packaging design radiates with love—both visually and literally—through an energetically heart-shaped visual. Beyond the animated visuals, the typography is thoughtfully quaint, and the back of the can features a stunning portrait of RuPaul, creating a mesmerizing 360-degree design system. It's retro, it's casual, and most importantly, it's a mocktail. 

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Wild Folk

Wild Folk is a non-alcoholic beverage brand inspired by folklore and foraging. Bamff Studio worked with the brand to create a packaging system highlighting its nourishing inspiration. Each product in the range is packaged in a distinctively designed can but is clearly part of the same line through parallel typography and illustration styles. The result is a free-spirited and folkloric packaging system that feels like a wholesome counterpart to alcoholic-based brands. 

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Jen Batchelor, founder and CEO of Kin Euphorics, discovered that “wellness” was being thrown around recklessly, often in tandem with creating an unsustainable lifestyle through extreme diets and detoxes. So instead of moving to the harsh side of the culture, Batchelor created Kin. The packaging gets a design assist from RoAndCo, and the result strikes gold with a warm glow and an aura of euphoria. The hazy yellow, purple, and orange hues—paired with a dreamy typeface—quickly convince consumers that a non-alcoholic beverage option is worth at least a sip. 

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Mingle Mocktails

Mingle Mocktails is a brand that fosters inclusion, social connection, and fun without alcohol. The brand's products come in cans and bottles with playful, bubbly packaging that's approachable and ice bucket-worthy. What's remarkable about the non-alcoholic market is that consumers of all ages can enjoy the beverage, and Mingle has honed into this truth. It's easy to imagine a teenager, a grandmother, or anyone in between enjoying a Mingle during any outdoor soiree. 

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Hella Cocktail Co.

Hella Cocktail Co. is a mocktail brand that creates an elevated experience for those that are alcohol-free or curious about moving in that direction. The brand's packaging feels eclectic in blends modern design with art-deco-inspired elements. The classic white background paired with an illustrated pattern representing the libation's flavors feels in line with what's trending in the alcohol market. Still, it also feels reinvigorated enough for consumers to feel comfortable trying something new without alcoholic interruptions.  

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Mocktail Club

The premium non-alcoholic cocktail brand Mocktail Club came to existence when founder Pauline wanted to find flavorful non-alcoholic beverage options. The brand focuses on sourcing its fruit juice from organic suppliers and using sustainable packaging that helps to reduce our footprint and waste. In addition to using sustainable packaging, the brand worked with Design Army to create a zestfully engaging design that quickly grasps attention. The beverage's white cans are classic, but the gradient spotlight of color makes for a mischievous balance to the otherwise highly simplistic can. 

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Crisp & Crude

Crisp & Crude is a non-alcoholic canned cocktail brand based in Austin, Texas. The mood-boosting libations come packaged in cans that let off a relaxing and comfortable attitude. The natural colors and wave-inspired pattern effortlessly work together to showcase the brand's wellness benefits. Plus, the typography is the cherry on top of the design, creating a charming philosophy for the overall packaging system. 

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