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Psychedelic Water Won't Make You Trip, Unless You Maybe Stare At The Packaging Too Long?

by Rudy Sanchez on 07/06/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Strong plant medicine such as psilocybin can serve as long-lasting treatments for mental conditions like severe depression. Such potent substances are in their early stages of therapeutic use and are pretty illegal save for a few decriminalized locales. Not all psychoactive substances are hallucinogenic—many natural plants and extracts have soothing, mind-calming effects without melting the walls, such as kava and damiana.

Psychedelic Water doesn’t contain psilocybin or LSD but instead is a milder blend of green tea extract, damiana, and kava served in sparkling water form. Psychedelic Water says its combination of ingredients is psychoactive, and its formulation is vegan, alcohol-free, THC-free, and CBD-free. The psychoactive sparkling water is available in four flavors, Blackberry + Yuzu, Hibiscus + Lime, Oolong + Orange Blossom, and Prickly Pear.

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Can labels designed in-house (though earlier iterations were from GRDN) feature a shimmering, psychedelic background that resembles water, albeit through a trippy lens. The vessels come minimally dressed otherwise, keeping typography simple, except for a small block of color to distinguish flavor, no other graphics or colors. The result is a minimal, chic, intriguing, and alluring presentation. Psychedelic Water won’t make you trip, it might mellow your mood, but it will undoubtedly look good in your hand for the ‘Gram, so there’s that.

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Editorial photograph

While the beverage won't turn your ceiling into liquid, the brand does admit that as more and more cities and states legalize or decriminalize psychedelic ingredients, there's a fairly good chance that you'll find them in a can of Psychedelic Water some day. 

Since Psychedelic Water doesn’t have real drugs in it, it’s available online at Walmart and Amazon and in select IRL retailers, including Urban Outfitters and Erewhon.

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