Featured image for Crooked Coffee's Quirky Typography Contributes To The Greater Good

Crooked Coffee's Quirky Typography Contributes To The Greater Good

by Chloe Gordon on 07/29/2022 | 4 Minute Read

Crooked Coffee is a premium coffee line with packaging created by the media company Crooked Media. The brand's packaging is bright and cheery, with typography full of quirky personality. In line with Crooked Media's goal of leaving the world a better place, Crooked Coffee's beans are ethically sourced, the packaging is recyclable, and carbon emissions are offset. It's bright, bold, and on the right track to making the world better, creating a trifecta of stunning packaging design.

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Crooked Media, the progressive independent media company that delivers bold content to entertain, inform and inspire action, today announced its newest venture, Crooked Coffee, a line of premium, ethically-sourced coffee with a pledge to donate from every order. This is Crooked’s first expansion into food & beverage,  and will be available for online purchase at crooked.com/coffee on June 21. Readers can sign-up today to get early access and be the first to sip. 

Crooked Coffee’s first offering is the “What A Morning” lineup, which includes both a medium roast and dark roast, available in whole bean or ground.  The name is a play on Crooked’s tentpole “What a Day” franchise, which began as a daily newsletter and evolved into a popular daily news podcast. The brand ethos builds off the smart, humorous, irreverent tone that’s beloved by Crooked’s engaged community.  

To craft a premium coffee product, Crooked partnered with Akira Coffee, experts in specialty-grade small batch coffee, to source, roast and distribute the best beans from around the world. Aligned with Crooked’s mission to leave the world a little bit better, every effort has been taken to ensure Crooked Coffee’s beans are ethically sourced, that the packaging is recyclable and carbon emissions are being offset.

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Crooked Coffee plans to roll out new blends and products later this year with network series and philanthropic partners.

“We created a coffee because, first and foremost, we’re coffee drinkers and fans. We may spill tea on the pods, but Crooked Media is fueled by coffee,” said Crystal Ponzio-Busto, Crooked Media SVP of Marketing. “It was important to us that this consumer product launch was authentic to Crooked values-- bold, responsible and contributing to the greater good. We found an incredible partner in Akira Coffee and are proud to also work with Register Her at a critically important time for women voters.”

“For years, everywhere we have gone, people have come up to us and said 'We love the podcast, but why haven't you created your own line of coffee? What kind of media company is this without a co-branded dark roast? Nothing will be right for me until this is fixed.' And you know what? We heard you loud and clear," said Crooked Media founders Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor. “And get this: it's actually really good and every bag you buy will help Register Her.”

The “What A Morning” medium roast is sweet, savory, and smooth with notes of citrus. It’s complex (like the news cycle), but taste buds will understand it right away (like an episode of “What A Day”). The dark roast has notes of nuts, chocolate, and caramel-- luxurious and dark, like one of those movie theaters where you can recline all the way. 

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To create the visual identity for Crooked Coffee, Crooked partnered with Brooklyn-based design firm The Young Jerks. The style and packaging is an evolution of Crooked’s strong design aesthetic, and is meant to delight customers at every step of the customer journey.  The packaging and design were thoughtfully developed to reflect the premium product quality (really good coffee) and the hopeful, irreverent tone that Crooked listeners know and love.  

A percentage of proceeds from every Crooked Coffee order will be donated to the nonprofit Register Her to help register and activate women to vote. This amazing group supports women of color and indigenous women in their community organizing efforts, and has a connection to Crooked’s Vote Save America work through Senior Director of Politics Shaniqua McClendon who is active on their board.

Crooked Coffee can be purchased as a single 12 oz bag for $19 or by subscription for $14.25 per 12 oz bag. All coffee is small-batch roasted just before shipping to ensure freshness and a premium drinking experience. Crooked Coffee will be available on crooked.com/coffee starting June 21 and customers can sign up for Crooked Coffee’s email list today to be the first to shop.