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Wawa Announces Hard Version Of Its Peach Iced Tea, the "Shore Tea"

by Rudy Sanchez on 07/26/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Wawa is a beloved chain of convenience stores based in Philadelphia and found along the East coast between Pennsylvania and Florida. The chain has earned a spot in the hearts of millions with its fresh coffee, bottled drinks, and various snacks, including made-to-order sandwiches. But now, the brand is taking one of its popular RTD items, peach iced tea, and is giving it an edge, working with New Jersey’s Cape May Brewing Co.

The “Shore Tea,” a clever play on “Shorti,” what Wawa calls a 6-in hoagie, is a blend of Wawa’s peach iced with alcohol courtesy of Cape May. The label design features a picturesque depiction of the shore. Alongside the beach, there is a lighthouse to one side and a familiar Wawa storefront on the other. Wawa’s signature red appears throughout the label, and a sumptuous peach slice alongside a few tea leaves dominates the foreground. The overall effect is refreshing and evocative of summer days at the shore, a perfect time and place for a brisk, sweet, peachy iced tea with a little kick to keep the party going.

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“We're excited to stretch our wings and fly south to the New Jersey Shore to partner with Cape May Brewing Co. to produce our first-ever hard tea with a customer favorite: Wawa's Peach Iced Tea," said Michael McLaughlin, Wawa senior manager of concept development, in a press release. "Wawa's Peach Iced Tea captures the aroma and flavors of biting into a freshly picked peach at the height of ripeness and pairs it perfectly with the warm carmelic tones of our Signature Black Iced Tea. Fragrant, juicy, and sweet with just the right amount of acidity and a sweet tea finish.”

Shore Tea is available for a limited time in the states of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania at select Wawa locations. 

Images courtesy of Wawa.