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CleanO2 Soap Keeps the Planet and People Clean With Captured Carbon

by Rudy Sanchez on 07/22/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Carbon sequestration involves capturing carbon dioxide to reduce the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Plants naturally absorb carbon dioxide as part of photosynthesis but it can also be done using machines. 

In some cases, that captured CO2 is pumped deep into rocks and held safely. CleanO2 is taking captured and transformed CO2 and upcycling, using it to make soap.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

CleanO2 takes the potassium carbonate, also called potash or pearl ash, generated from CarbinX reclaiming machines and uses the substance to create soap. Pearl ash has long been used in soapmaking and is responsible for soap’s lather. CarbinX machines capture carbon dioxide and escape heat from natural gas heaters. The process makes CleanO2 soap circular, a call back to when soap was traditionally made at home using upcycled grease and ashes from cooking fires.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Packaging puts CleanO2’s environmental credentials in the limelight. The front of the boxes explains that the soap is made from captured carbon by CleanO2. The message is given the same weight as the brand, the typography is straightforward, and the color palettes are kept simple. A few large bubbles float in the background, but the package is otherwise kept simple and on-message. The back of the boxes goes into further detail on CleanO2’s circular approach. Scent names play on CleanO2’s circular nature, such as “Sustainability Spice,” “Enviro Mint,” and “Eco Aloe.” Finally, one side of the box features a small scent hole for a smell-before-you-buy experience.

CleanO2 soaps are available directly from

Images courtesy of Clean02.

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