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New Wordle Party Game Offers Opportunity To Flex Beyond Twitter

by Rudy Sanchez on 07/18/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Though many of us have probably seen a significant drop of Wordle tweets in our timeline, the hit word puzzle game continues to be a success. Purchased and now published daily by the New York Times since early 2022, the game has spawned popular variations, like Heardle, a music-based guessing game that Spotify recently acquired, and Sweardle, a repository for four-letter shenanigans.

Worlde has also inspired a desktop, physical, IRL party version of the word guessing game. In partnership with Hasbro, Wordle: The Party Game features round-based play where a designated Wordle host selects a secret word. Up to six players attempt to solve the word while accumulating the fewest points from taking guesses. The player with the fewest points at the end of the game wins. Unlike the online version, the only people you can annoy with your Worlde skills are those around the table and not all of Twitter.

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The packaging features a genuine “phew” for the ages, too, with a 6-word, barely-eeked victory, an embarrassment of grey and yellow squares giving way to five green tiles. And, since this is now a New York Times property, it features on-brand type.

“Since Wordle burst onto the scene, it’s undoubtedly been a staple in social and pop culture vocabulary,” said Adam Biehl, SVP & general manager, Hasbro Gaming, via press release. “We’re beyond thrilled to work with New York Times Games to bring our gaming worlds together and extend Wordle in new ways.”

Wordle: The Party Game will start to ship in October.