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FlightFud's Packaging Features High Flying Design

by Rudy Sanchez on 07/14/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Sitting for hours in a cramped metal tube traveling 500 mph 30,000 feet over the ground has, as one might expect, an impact on the body. Going across multiple time zones causes jet lag, while the recycled cabin air is dry and flings around strangers’ cooties. Plus, changes in air pressure can cause bloating, and our bodies are even subject to cosmic radiation.

Former flight attendant Kaeli Bauman joined business and leisure travel enthusiasts Sarah Peterson and Jamie Renney to create an elixir that supports the body during air travel. The trio knew the impact flying could have on our health and developed FlightFud after Bauman could not find a similar product for sale. FlightFud combines ingredients thought to fight the effects of air travel, like tart cherry for jet lag and papaya for bloating. Also included in FlightFud’s powdered elixir are the circulation-promoting goji, beetroot, and black pepper. Immunity-boosting elderberry and astragalus are also in the mix, as are antioxidant Pycnogenol and hydrating coconut water crystals.

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Each box of FlightFud contains eight daily dose sachets. The branding and visual identity from Smack Bang take cues from the world of air travel, starting with the logo. The circular logo incorporates two “F” characters facing away from each other, forming wings on either side of a vertical line in the center. FlightFud’s logo is reminiscent of the golden age of jet travel, a time when we wore our Sunday best for a flight, and you could smoke a pack of Pall Malls on a cross-country trip to Los Angeles.

The color palette for FlightFud’s packaging is a bright and chic combination of yellow and orange, a retro touch that also takes inspiration from FlightFud’s strawberry lemonade flavor. Finally, typography and graphics support the airline theme superbly.

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FlightFud also includes a fashionable travel bottle marked with drinking reminders. Being a powdered mix, packs of FlightFud aren’t subject to TSA rules on fluids, a nice touch for a product aimed at air travelers. Just wait until you pass security to mix with water, of course.

Flight elixir, combination packs, and travel bottles are available on FlightFud’s website.

Images courtesy of FlightFud.