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Peas Of Heaven Invites Customers To Grow Their Own Plant-Based Sausages

by Rudy Sanchez on 07/11/2022 | 2 Minute Read

The Scandinavian nation of Sweden is perhaps best known for flimsy furniture you put together at home, pop music, and not feeding house guests. The Northern European kingdom is also at the forefront of plant-based innovation, and firms like Oatly, Sproud, and Oumph all hail from Sweden. 

Peas of Heaven is another plant-based enterprise making pea-based versions of meaty favorites like sausages, patties, and schnitzel. For its latest promotional campaign, Peas of Heaven is inviting customers to “grow” their own sausages.

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The campaign is led by agency Forsman & Bodenfors and includes delightful seed packets. Each paper pouch contains pea seeds, instructions, and a bag for returning the DIY legumes. Customers ship back the peas, and Peas of Heaven turns them into a sausage in return. Peas of Heaven do want to clarify that the peas sent in aren’t guaranteed to be the same peas used to make the links they send back.

The front of the seed packs comes adorned with wonderful botanical-inspired color illustrations of sausages growing on vines. Peas of Heaven offers one of three kinds of sausages, chorizo, grillkorv, and cabanossy, and the front of the packaging includes Latin translations for the delightful links. Typography is also on-theme and has an academic feel to it.

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“We took a hands-on approach to plant-based comfort food. And since growing your own vegetables and herbs is as popular as ever, we want to let people try to (for the first time ever) grow their sausages at home,” Julia Holtback Yeter, art director at Forsman & Bodenfors, told adland outlet Little Black Book. “It’s not the quickest way to get a sausage, it takes around 50 days for the peas to grow, but maybe you’ll get a better understanding and respect of the process behind plant-based food.”

Peas of Heaven’s grow-your-own seed packs are available with purchase from the brand’s website while supplies last.

Images courtesy of Peas of Heaven.