Featured image for Meat Studio Rebrands Mid-Day Squares To Highlight Brand’s Dynamic Personality

Meat Studio Rebrands Mid-Day Squares To Highlight Brand’s Dynamic Personality

by Chloe Gordon on 06/10/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Protein bars have it difficult when it comes to branding, marketing, and packaging. Not only do they have to come across as functional, but they have to convince and show consumers that they also taste great. 

Mid-Day Squares is a functional chocolate bar with the tagline, "Everything a chocolate bar isn't, everything a protein bar wishes it was." This quick one-liner paired with street-style inspired packaging showcases the brand's innate ability to capture consumers' attention and their on-the-go demands. 

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The packaging system comes from Meat Studio in collaboration with Mid-Day Squares, and it finds inspiration in the graphic language of high street fashion. Utilizing snappy color palettes that are highly contrasting and functional yet modern typography, the packaging feels more like a fashion accessory than a practical and delicious snack. 

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"Mid-Day Squares always had a very bold and chatty attitude that was not well represented on the previous package design," states Ronald Tau, founder and creative director of Meat Studio. "We wanted to evolve the brand's visual language so that it evokes the very vocal and dynamic personality it already exhibits so well on social media, in contrast to the previous version of packaging that was rather dull." 

The packaging system is direct yet fully effective in the expressive use of geometric illustrations, clashing color palettes, and italicized typography. These are clearly bars for consumers who are always hustling and ready to conquer their day. 

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