Featured image for Butterfly Cannon's Royal Salute Evolves The Brand's Rich History

Butterfly Cannon's Royal Salute Evolves The Brand's Rich History

by Chloe Gordon on 06/08/2022 | 1 Minute Read

Butterfly Cannon is known for their gorgeous designs, and their work for Royal Salute is no different. Because the brand is so well-loved and so deep in tradition, the rebrand needed to respect its rich history while also propelling it into the future. The new timeless design highlights a gorgeous shaped bottle with an intricate gold label and typography to match. The regal bottle colors help amplify the brand's decadent ethos yet stay classic enough to remain lavish.

Editorial photograph

With a brand so steeped in tradition and proud of its royal lineage, it was important that our redesign brought a fresh perspective to the brand and amplified its unique personality, whilst respecting its rich heritage and without alienating the loyalist (or Royalist!) consumers who love the associations this heritage brings.

The Royal Salute 21 Year Old Collection was created to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II where the 21-gun salute was fired to honour her. 

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph