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Inlands Mushroom Coffee Better For The Planet, Packaged In Compostable Bags

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/30/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Coffee is a beloved beverage. It’s consumed hot, cold, concentrated, and made from beans from different regions of the world, and it's almost always awesome. The USDA estimates that over 10 billion pounds of coffee will get produced this year globally. Unfortunately, our love for java juice comes at a high environmental cost, such as deforestation, soil erosion, and water pollution. Still, for many, giving up a rich, brewed cup of joe is difficult despite the environmental cost.

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One alternative to traditional coffee is adaptogenic mushrooms that are dried, ground, and brewed. Mushrooms such as reishi, also known as lingzhi, are said to provide an energetic buzz, mood lift, and other health benefits, such as reducing inflammation. Additionally, unlike coffee production, mushrooms can improve the environment, breaking down waste and pollution and restoring the soil, a process called mycoremediation.

Inlands Coffee offers reishi mushroom coffee and aims to prove that it can regenerate the inner and outer ecosystems as it is grown organically with their farmers receiving a living wage. Mailers are corn-based and biodegradable, and the brand promises carbon-neutral shipping. The coffee also gets packaged in kraft bags that are garden compostable and corn-based. 

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

The upstart's branding and packaging by Studio Listo are elegant, using a burnt orange color with marbled swirls. A label on the front cleanly communicates critical information such as taste, darkness level, and the beverage's characteristics. Typography is classy but unembellished, while the Inlands’ wordmark is graceful with varying widths and sharp corners and is reminiscent of Art Deco.

Islands reishi mushroom coffee is available now direct.

Images from Inlands.