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13 Deliciously-Designed Brands From the 2022 Summer Fancy Foods Show

by Fred Hart on 06/20/2022 | 5 Minute Read

First we gave you Expo West, and then you got Sweets & Snacks.

Now it's time for some fancy foods.

The 2022 Summer Fancy Foods show in New York City took place for the first time since the pandemic, and the pent-up excitement and innovation burst at the seams. From new-age whipped cream and at-home gelato machines to sunflower seed milk and decadent chocolate toppings, we saw a plethora of products and brands elevated by distinctive design. 

So, feast your eyes—and taste buds—on these 13 delectable stand-outs. 

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The Qi

The Qi is a tea brand that feels like it was ripped from the pages of a fashion magazine, providing whole flower tea rituals you can perform at home. Revitalizing ancient traditions of holistic wellness, The Qi is bringing Eastern practices to the Western spotlight. The design resembles a beauty product, using airy tracking and serif type on top of delicate watercolor illustrations of the florals inside. From unboxing to sipping, The Qi provides a well-rounded sensory experience.  

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Occo Spices

Occo spices brings an easy-to-use flavor profile for all cooking enthusiasts, whether you're a novice chef or a 5-star professional. The brand sends recipe cards featuring eight pods containing a ½ teaspoon of spice. Beautifully crafted editorial typefaces come adorned with throwback holding shapes and playful colors, giving this modular identity charm and whimsy. Also, don’t miss the word search game towards the bottom of the website.

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Sunboy levels up basic hard seltzers, bringing boozy bubbles to coconut water. Currently, they have four flavors of canned cocktails, including Pineapple, Passionfruit, Tangerine, and Mango, all flavored with natural fruit juice. The design features a vertical wordmark in a clean sans-serif type electrified with bold tropical colors in the background, making for a pool-worthy concoction.

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No, this isn't a packaging shout-out, but it's definitely a way to reduce your packaging footprint.

Solato brings you style and substance. Providing fresh frozen products at a lower environmental impact, freezing ice cream fresh at home saves 95% on their carbon footprint and 85% less energy consumption while creating 100% quality frozen treats. The machine's sleek ridged surface could be mistaken for food designer furniture, and that's OK with us. The capsule design is clean and contemporary, taking inspiration from the swirls of their Gelato. Yum!

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New brand Whipnotic makes traditional whipped cream look more like wimp cream. The design features psychedelic inspiration, from the retro serif wordmark to the eye-catching illustrated flavor swirls. The whipped cream charger even features an easy-to-press dispenser making for a memorable experience.

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Sunday Night

Decadence in a jar, Sunday Night offers quality chocolate toppings you won’t want to share with your kids. No nonsense, free of corn syrup, preservatives, and artificial flavors, the brand focuses on quality ingredients to bring “chocolate euphoria." The design oozes appetite appeal, featuring an illustrative script wordmark set in deep rich colors. Sunday night is the perfect plus-one for a little me-time or a welcomed third wheel to date night.

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Lattini may be the most inclusive option to the wild world of milk, and adapting a little moo-juice for your dietary restrictions has never been so simple with the brand's sunflower milk. The design feels homegrown, utilizing an Art Nouveau-inspired typeface and textured illustrations while crafting the contemporary folk hero we never knew we needed.

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Superbon Chips de Madrid

Superbon Chips de Madrid brings authenticity and quality to everyday grocery staples by crafting crisps with bold and unique ingredients you’d expect on a dining room table, not in your crisp bag. The design revitalizes illustrative poster styles inspired by Spanish art and culture, with bold, vibrant colors representing bolder flavors and passions. Now, these are chips with character.

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Spare Tonic

Spare Tonic “sees ingredients where others see waste.” Crafting bold flavors with bold intentions, Spare Tonic creates probiotic beverages from only four ingredients, including upcycled whey. Each product feels hand-crafted with a design that utilizes block print elements and a variety of sans-serif type on the grid. Plus, the addition of overlapping scripts adds a homegrown feel. Sip alone or use it to create the summer’s hottest conscious cocktails. 

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Spritzly is the adult reincarnation of sparkling juice beverages. Two ingredients, sparkling water and fresh juice (in this instance, grape juice), with no added sugar and only 30 calories. The design utilized a clean, gridded system with a slab-serif wordmark that forgoes the overly young or juvenile soda design tropes and feels right at home in our mid-mod millennial living rooms. 

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Little Pickins 

Little Pickins provides nutrient-rich organic foods that young kids will love. The meal bites have adult flavors like Veggie Karma and Lucky Turkey Thai, specially developed for little bellies. The design features soft colors and whimsical illustrations to pull kids in but with large all-caps-energy to make the parents stick around. 

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Yazzo Yaupon 

Yazoo Yaupon is celebrating American history through tea, bringing folks America’s only indigenous caffeine source (from America's only caffeinated plant, the yaupon holly tree) with Southern Mississippi flare. The design features a handwritten word mark and an illustrative logo highlighting their natural touch. But they focus on flavor utilizing a stand-out color palette celebrating their tastes paired with 60s poster-style illustrations. The front also features a QR code to learn more about your tea. The bag may not be transparent, but its ingredients certainly are.

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Mai Vino

Mai Vino ain't your mom's boxed wine. Though it comes in three classic options, Pinot Noir, Sauv Blanc, and Rosé, Mai Vino brings you vegan and sustainable options you never dreamed you'd find in a bag. The design looks too good to drink, resembling a perfume in all caps monotype and clearly displayed batch numbers. But, no, it's not in a fashion magazine; you can find it sitting fresh in your fridge for up to 30 days.

Lattini photo by John Smillie, Smillie Photo.

Occo photo courtesy of Funeral.