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Kim Kardashian Unveils Skincare Line 'SKKN By Kim'

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/02/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Kim Kardashian may have recently walked back her “Get your f-ing ass up and work” advice directed at women in business, but it would seem that she lives by her words. In addition to being sued for shilling a crypto scam, Kardashian has also been busy taking her role as a Beyond Meat “chief taste consultant” seriously, including dispelling rumors that she was not tasting food made with the alt-meat. All while working on a new line of skincare products called “SKKN By Kim,” in partnership with beauty company Coty.

SKKN By Kim features nine core products designed for all skin types, tones, textures, and ages. Creative and artistic direction, branding, and packaging design come from the studio Perron-Roettinger, with photography by Mario Sorrenti.

The packaging for SKKN By Kim is designed to be refillable and features organic, stone-like colors and chic, geometric shapes. The bottles are minimally adorned, with “SKKN BY KIM” debossed on the front, and additional information gets printed in a complementary color. The refills get packaged using eco-friendly materials to minimize the environmental impact of the products, which from initial images appear to be some kind of paperboard (Dieline has reached out to Perron-Roettinger for clarification). 

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“In all of my business endeavors, I've been fueled by my passion for filling gaps in the market with expertly-crafted and universally-loved products that are performance-driven—and I have carried this same drive and approach with me into creating a legacy skincare brand,” said Kim Kardashian viapress release. “What began as a psoriasis diagnosis became the catalyst for my journey of skincare discoveries, inspiring me to learn more about my skin and how to care for it. Working with some of the top dermatologists and estheticians over the years has given me the incredible opportunity to learn from their expertise—and I knew I had to share my learnings. Fueled by years of gathered insights, SKKN By Kim's science-backed formulas work together to reactivate the skin's inner potential and inspire confidence. I'm proud to finally be able to share this collection with everyone.”

Kardashian’s new skincare line launches June 21st, 9 AM PDT on SKKNBYKIM.COM.

Images courtesy of SKKN By Kim.