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Hand on Heart Is A Non-Alcoholic Wine With A Highly Modern Packaging Design

by Chloe Gordon on 06/02/2022 | 2 Minute Read

The non-alcoholic Hand on Heart Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that feels iconic. The sleek, minimalistic design isn't often seen within the non-alcoholic wine category, but it showcases the brand's attention to detail and luxuriousness. Designed by Denomination, this is a wine label that proves that non-alcoholic wine can be just as prestigious as its counterparts.

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In light of growing health and wellness trends, an increasing number of consumers are actively seeking to limit their alcohol intake. According to recent Mintel research, 1 in 5 consumers reports to have reduced their alcohol consumption in an effort to make healthier beverage choices. While this trend has seen a rise in demand for alcohol-free alternatives, the non-alc category is currently being led by beer and spirits offers, with the selection of non-alc wines on the US market failing to perform at the same level. The reasons for wines’ poor performance can largely be attributed to consumers’ negative perceptions of non-alc wine which include being less natural, more processed and tasting worse than its alcoholic counterpart.

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Miller Family Wines saw an opportunity to overcome these preconceptions and disrupt the non-alc wine category with a product which delivered against consumer expectations of a ‘real' wine experience. They planned to do this by leveraging authentic, real wine cues and credible quality endorsements to deliver against consumer expectations of full flavoured varietal wine, just without the alcohol.

The name, Hand on Heart, indicates a commitment to a higher standard in non alcoholic wine: it's simply full of heart, not alcohol. The modern design is complete with its iconic and welcoming heart on the hand logo marque, deftly treated in a sculptured emboss with gold foiled heart. The relatively small yet powerful marque is surrounded by white space, with crafted classic typography with a contemporary twist of all lower case. This typographic approach feels both approachable and reassuring of its quality. The “alcohol removed” statement is clear yet unobtrusive.

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