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Here&Now Wants You To Celebrate the Coffee Break—Remember Those?

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/14/2022 | 2 Minute Read

At some point, coffee became something one grabs on the go. For years, Dunkin has argued that customers are fueled and run on the chain’s caffeinated offerings. Even competitor Starbucks, which used to tout itself as a “third place” between home and work where customers come in, sit down, and enjoy a beverage, is embracing drive-thru and walk-up store layouts.

We’ve strayed too far from the idea of actually taking a break with our coffee—lounging around in the middle of the day with friends and lattes in a cozy cafe seems like a fictional idea. 

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Still, RTD coffee and tea brand Here&Now recently rebranded to reposition itself as something to stop and enjoy instead of being the human equivalent of hitting the nawz.

Founded in 2018 and previously named Fitch brewing, the coffee brand turned to agency Robot Food to reposition the brand, moving away from the burnout culture often associated with current coffee consumption.

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The new packaging features illustrations created in-house by Robot Food senior designer Rich Robinson set against bright, colorful backgrounds. The graphics depict folks enjoying life, from listening to music, taking photos, a day at the beach, dog walking, and meeting with friends. Flavor names follow suit with variants like New Ground, Social Call, Usual Spot, Sun Trap, and Open Road. Along the top of the cans, the copy reads “drink it in,” a reference to life and the beverage.

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Robot Food’s senior creative strategist Natalie Redford delved into the cafe culture when people would meet in coffee houses to read the newspaper and discuss favorite topics such as philosophy with friends and colleagues.

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“The brand idea is around the drink helping you take the time to slow down and enjoy it. We’re all guilty of using caffeine to power through the next hour at work, but this is about telling a different story and taking cold brew as the antithesis of what you’d normally associate with caffeine,” said Jess Cook, client director for Robot Food, via press release.

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“We wanted to spin that on its head and talk about things from a much more considered, powerful, and crafted point of view,” Cook added.

Here&Now is available from DrinkHereAndNow.com.

Images courtesy of Robot Food.