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Splash Turns Any Sparkling Water Machine Into a Hard Seltzer Maker

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/13/2022 | 2 Minute Read

According to a report by online alcohol delivery platform Drizly, sales for off-premise Ready-To-Drink (RTD) cocktails grew 126 percent in 2021, with bar and restaurant closures sparking interest in the category that is maintaining momentum thanks to the convenience and entrance of high-quality offerings. Unfortunately, it also creates more packaging. Plus, shipping all those cans across the country emits harmful greenhouse gases. 

Of course, if consumers had their very own soda system, all they would need is the boozy cocktail component to assemble a drink at home, nearly as easy as cracking open a can.

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Splash takes the concept of RTD carbonated cocktails and combines it with existing home seltzer makers to provide a DIY libation experience for owners of SodaStream machines. Splash offers a mix of traditional flavors like mojito and sangria, fruit and vodka varieties such as black cherry, grapefruit, raspberry, and lychee, in addition to a cucumber mint margarita.

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The packaging resembles a distinctive spirits bottle, with a flask-like shape, clear body, and silver-colored stoppers. Each flavor has its own color in a cohesive system, and Splash’s wordmark has a playful cocktail lounge feel, just without the pesky neon sign hanging outside of your house. What's more, the bottom curve of the “S” in Splash gets utilized to create a clever top-down view of a cocktail.

Splash Hard Seltzer is available now directly.

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