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Gotham Greens and The Grateful Dead Collab For Salad Mix

by Chloe Gordon on 05/03/2022 | 2 Minute Read

In celebration of Gotham Greens' tenth anniversary, the indoor farming company is celebrating through a partnership with the Grateful Dead. The collaboration is a natural fit because the band is known for sharing its commitment to sustainability, community, and plant-based eating. 

Gotham Greens' best-selling lettuce medley has been recreated into "Grateful Greens" for a limited-edition release. Not only is the salad mix renamed, but the packaging features a window in the shape of one of the Grateful Dead's notorious dancing bears. 

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Keeping Gotham Greens' packaging very close to normal helps ease consumers with brand recognition. Yet, utilizing the window system and color panel on the right to fuse the collaboration through the design feels natural. 

Additionally, the upgraded packaging system includes a new lidded film design which helps reduce the plastic in the packaging by more than 30%. Also, for every package of "Grateful Greens" sold, Gotham Greens and Grateful Dead have promised to plant trees in collaboration with Forest Nation, an organization committed to maintaining our planet's future. 

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“Over the years, what has really stuck with me is not only the music itself but the monumental cultural impact of the Grateful Dead community,” said Viraj Puri, co-founder and CEO of Gotham Greens, in a press release. “Alongside Gotham Greens’ core commitment to the highest standards of sustainability, cultivating a meaningful community is equally important to us at every level of our company." 

"Partnering up with the Grateful Dead is not only incredible on a personal level, but really speaks to our collective passion for preserving the earth and bringing joy back to cooking and eating plants," added Puri.

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The blending of band and brand feels intrinsically effortless, proving that the collaboration works when two separate entities come together with similar cornerstones. 

Also, Grateful Dead Bears still move product.

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