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Take That Much Needed Break With Recess' Limited-Edition Zero-Proof Margarita

by Chloe Gordon on 05/02/2022 | 1 Minute Read

We all have way too much going on—too many tabs opened, too many plans, and too many screens. You get the point; in fact, you're probably living it. 

Recess is a brand founded upon the idea of giving us a much-needed break. Each sparkling water product is infused with hemp and adaptogens to help alleviate daily stressors. 

And while the classic flavors such as Black Cherry, Coconut Lime, and Peach Ginger are always a hit, the brand is bringing back a limited-edition release of their cherished Zero Proof Margarita. 

Editorial photograph

The power of Recess' packaging lies within its simplicity. When a brand preaches bringing consumers a more relaxed lifestyle, it only makes sense that the packaging system reflects these sentiments. 

The lime, agave, lemon, and orange zest flavors get showcased through the gorgeous gradient can design that's doubly reminiscent of a bowl of drool-worthy guacamole. The green to orange gradient is refreshing, understated, and romantically reminiscent of a warm summer afternoon. 

Perfect for anyone seeking an alcohol alternative, there's no denying that Recess is a brand that encourages that longing pause we all crave. 

Editorial photograph

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