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Vizzy Wants To Get You Through This Mercury Retrograde With Its 'Good Vibes' Kit

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/13/2022 | 1 Minute Read

About three or four times every year, the planet Mercury will enter an apparent retrograde. This reverse course is merely an optical illusion caused by Mercury’s orbital path, speed, and distance between Earth and the sun. Many astrology buffs believe that Mercury’s retrograde can negatively affect communication and transportation, with many typically advising against making important decisions or traveling while this occurs.

For this week’s Mercury retrograde, hard seltzer brand Vizzy wants to lighten the load of the celestial event's negative effect with a “Good Vibes” kit. 

Vizzy’s release includes all the essentials to weather the retrograde, including a neo-mystical candle, incense, sage, and Mercury retrograde limited-edition cans of Vizzy. The cans feature celestial and mystical designs, featuring items such as crystals, and the typography lends it a retro, calming feel.

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“Nobody has time for a bad vibe—which is why Vizzy is stepping in to bring some much-needed good energy to Mercury in Retrograde,” said Vizzy brand manager Vi Tran in a press release. “Whether you're a hard seltzer fan or astrology aficionado, we're excited to team up with Lisa Stardust and make the next few weeks a total vibe, no matter what the planets are doing.”

The Vizzy Good Vibes kit is only available via sweepstakes, and winning is subject to eligibility requirements. To learn more and enter, visit VizzyMercuryRetrograde.com.

Images courtesy of Vizzy.