Featured image for Prime Hydration's 'Ice Pop' Celebrates UK Launch, Creates Fake Twitter Argument Between Logan Paul And KSI

Prime Hydration's 'Ice Pop' Celebrates UK Launch, Creates Fake Twitter Argument Between Logan Paul And KSI

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/12/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Taking on sports drink giants like Gatorade and Underarmor, YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI collaborated to launch Prime Hydration in January. Thanks in no small part to Paul and KSI’s immense popularity, Prime has become a hit, regularly selling out.

However, Prime has only been available in the US, leaving fans abroad in countries like KSI’s native UK FOMOing over the latest beverage from their favorite internet personalities. 

Prime Hydration’s latest drop, Ice Pop, was the first offering available across the pond, with a taste and packaging inspired by the summertime classic treat. Layers of red, white, and blue with a big and bold “PRIME” wordmark run vertically down the front of the bottle. A shadow is applied to the logo and adds heft to the mark, on-brand for a sports drink founded and promoted by social media celebrities.

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While it’s unclear if genuine or part of the promotion of Ice Pop, Paul and KSI quickly went to Twitter to create a seemingly manufactured and staged back-and-forth over the new flavor’s color scheme. Logan Paul announced the flavor by tweeting, “KSI and I are proud & humbled to announce that Prime is officially the fastest-growing hydration drink in America, represented by the ICE POP colors—red, white, and blue.” Logan Paul’s missive prompted a quick reaction from KSI, correcting his Yankee cofounder, saying that Ice Pop’s color scheme actually represented the UK. The flags of both nations share the same colors, and it seems like a silly thing to tweet about among business partners, but then again, Twitter is full of dumb arguments.

The first batch of 50,000 Ice Pops sold out quickly, but Prime Hydration is known to sell its sports drinks in waves, so there may be another opportunity to get your hands on some soon.

Images courtesy of Prime.