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Vibations Combines Caffeine and Cannabis In Powdered Drink Mix Form

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/08/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Cannabis consumers have long mixed their toke with caffeinated beverages like coffee. The little research that exists seems to contradict anecdotal reports of finding the combination uplifting and complimentary. Regardless, a powdered drink mix that brings together cannabis and caffeine for a complete boost to the mind and body is an attractive offering indeed. 

MariMed’s newest brand, Vibations: High + Energy, combines full-spectrum cannabis extracts, guarana, electrolytes, and vitamins in an easy-to-dissolve mix with branding and packaging that is visually stimulating.

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Designed by agency Sajak & Farki, Vibations’ branding is energetic without being frenetic. The wordmark adds smooth forms to the logo, blending weed vibes with caffeine focus. The pouch for iced tea lemonade gets covered in brown and yellow, and opposing circles on either side of the package are reminiscent of balance and a reference to its 50/50 blend of THC and CBD. Blueberry pomegranate and acai’s packaging is a wavy pattern of dark blue punctuated by lighter colored dots against a red canvas. Peach tangerine tea is awash in a pleasing melange of yellow, orange, and red with a sphere in orange and yellow at the center. Finally, strawberry lemonade uses a light purple as a backdrop for a series of thin, wavy lines in red on either side of a series of yellow dots.

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“Like all MariMed products, we developed Vibations: High + Energy to meet specific consumer needs,” said MariMed chief operating officer Tim Shaw via press release. “There is an increasing market segment of active cannabis users who want the calming effect of full-spectrum cannabis along with a shot of energy to help them elevate their game.”

Vibations is available now in Massachusetts dispensaries and coming soon to Delaware and Maryland.