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Superfrau Is a Liquid Whey Drink With Superheroine Branding By Fenomenal

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/07/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Superfrau is a new range of sparkling functional beverages that utilizes upcycled fresh whey to create a drink that is naturally full of nutrients, including full-spectrum electrolytes, lactic acid, protein, and vitamin B. The upcycled whey comes from yogurt production and is typically thrown away or used as feedstock.

Founded by Melissa Martinelli, she turned to female-led studio Fenomenal to create a brand identity that would make upcycled whey attractive to millennials and gen Z consumers. 

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Inspired by comic book heroines, Superfrau's (which means “Superwoman” in German) identity is visually bold and bombastic. A bright magenta serves as a backdrop to colorful depictions of fruit and comic book-style word bubbles. The wordmark screams with an exclamation point and gets set in unapologetically stout typography. Secondary typography used in the word and thought bubbles are reminiscent of comic book typefaces, strengthening the superheroine brand theme. Shipping boxes make great use of the magenta color and add additional comics-inspired graphics.

Fenomenal’s branding and packaging ensure Superfrau captures attention by using a strong, bold visual identity inspired by comic book characters but focusing on a strong, feminine voice with a quirky, approachable side. The color palette is attractive, eye-catching, and intentionally bold, standing out in the competitive, sparkling, and functional beverage category. Typography is fun and makes communicating the benefits of upcycled liquid whey easy.

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Introducing upcycled liquid whey as a beverage option to millennials and Gen Z seems like an almost impossible task. But Superfrau is up to the challenge with fun, comic-inspired branding deftly executed by Fenomenal.

Superfrau is available direct and at select retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods.

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