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Featured image for Bora Bora's Packaging Emulates The Quirky, Space-Age-Inspired Geometry Of The '50s

Bora Bora's Packaging Emulates The Quirky, Space-Age-Inspired Geometry Of The '50s

by Chloe Gordon on 04/04/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Inspired by the 1950s bar etiquette, Símil Design created the packaging for Bora Bora that absolutely emulates the quirky, Scandinavian influence and space-age-inspired geometry of the decade. The cocktail mixers are each packaged with a color scheme reflective of the liquid within; for example, Peppermint Laquer is beautifully labeled with a minty turquoise hue. The glamour and charm of this design are much appreciated, as it's always compelling to see how the past influences contemporary design.

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Bora Bora is a range of hand-crafted cocktail mixers, inspired by the mid-century cocktail boom, when social drinking and cocktail parties became the norm.

The name instantly teleported us to the 50’s. We saw the opportunity to create a link to the decade of witty cocktail inventions. A flashy yet glamorous time frame, that holds a prominent place in cocktail history.

It was a creative period for alcoholic mixtures. Some of the popular mixed drinks of the 1950s-era included champagne punches, mint juleps, Side Cars, Singapore Slings, Daiquiris, and Mai Tais from the tiki-craze trend. Garish and fun cocktails became the drink of choice, all decked out with kitschy cocktail sticks, paper umbrellas, and fashionable cocktail glasses.

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The 50’s barware etiquette inspired our design. The important thing about serving the drinks in those days was making sure they were served in the appropriate cocktail glass; each type of drink had to be served in its own kind of glass. To enhance the concept, we made a different cocktail glass for each variant of the range, all in different shapes and colours, to bring that quirky 50’s vibe to the design.

The labels are printed on glittery paper, which reinforces the glam approach. This effect, in addition to the black foil, optimizes production costs while offering a sophisticated finish.

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Editorial photograph

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