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Best April Fools' Day Pranks of 2022

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/04/2022 | 3 Minute Read

Every April 1st, folks that usually temper their inner Loki let loose a little bit and play jokester for the day. The April Fools' origins likely go back to the ancient Roman holiday honoring Cybele called Hilaria. During the vernal equinox, it was a joyous festival that included folks masquerading as other people.

Some believe the tradition of playing pranks on April 1st stems from the switch to the Gregorian calendar, as the Council of Trent decided in 1563. Before adopting the Gregorian calendar, many European nations celebrated the New Year in April. Those who hadn’t heard that year turned over on January 1st were teased and called fools, leading to the custom of tricking people on April 1st.

These days, April Fools' has fewer costumes and more pranks, including companies putting out fake products and announcements. In a world where everything gets scrutinized across multiple rounds of emails and notes, it's hard to land a good joke. But the following brands have come up with some of the funniest April Fools Day pranks in 2022, and they even brought some memorable packaging for the ride.

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Manischewitz Hash Brownie Macaroons

Part April Fools' Day prank and part Passover joke, kosher foods brand Manischewitz shared a mockup of hash brownie macaroons. The packaging label includes tiny popcorn buds sitting next to a macaroon, and the copy reads “The Highlight of Passover.”

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Bud Light Seltzer Really Really Retro Pack

Playing off the popularity of its recent 70s retro pack, Bud Light Seltzer unveiled the “Really Retro Pack,” going back to the Regency Era. Pastels and embellishments replace the 70s groovy theme with a more elegant, refined look that goes back to the 1810s, with flavors like Afternoon Tea, Courtship Cocktail, and Queen Cake.

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Hellmann’s Butterfinger

Heinz got people asking whether a chocolate orange and mayo combination is gastronomic genius or a crime against cuisine. Hellmann’s continues exploring the mayonnaise and chocolate space with a Butterfinger mashup, which, of course, also brings peanut butter into the mix. Bon appetit?

White Paw

Busch recently created a different variety of cold ones for canines; it’s a non-alcoholic bone broth called Dog Brew. White Claw decided to also get into the canine beverage game this April Fools with “White Pup.” 

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Kotex Chocolate

Some brands use the opportunity to play pranks to address something more important or a widespread misconception. This April Fools Day, Kotex wanted to take a swipe at period myths and stigmas, such as the one about constant chocolate cravings, with pad-shaped chocolates. The raspberry-filled candies come in a pack of 24, one for every hour of the day.

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Busch Light "Save a Tree, Pee in a Busch"

Busch Light is also taking this April Fools Day to educate the public about relieving oneself on trees. As it turns out, it makes trees more susceptible to disease, pests, and nutrient loss. Busch’s new funnel kit easily allows beer drinkers to empty their bladders into an empty can of Busch instead. Additionally, Busch is donating to the nonprofit organization One Tree Planted.

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Banza Just The Sauce

Banza makes pasta, pizza, and other foods transforming chickpeas into better for you and better for the planet meals. Inspired by customer requests for its mac and cheese sauce, Banza’s prank this year are sachets of Banza’s cheddar sauces.

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Papa John’s Pot Noodle Pizza

Instant noodles and pizza are two of the most popular quick-and-easy foods to grub on, and Papa John’s UK division and Pot Noodle teamed up to create a fast-food mashup that might look frightening. Still, it pales compared to some of the worst Brazillian pizzerias. At least the pizza box design is pleasant.

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