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Decem Is a Low-ABV Spirit Brand Dressed For Happy Hour

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/29/2022 | 2 Minute Read

In response to consumers seeking to live healthier, a plethora of non-alcoholic beers and spirits have emerged, providing the cocktail experience without the harmful effects of boozing. While noble, the no-ABV trend has created a polar environment in the drinks space, with a significant gap between full-strength, traditional liquor and newer no-alcohol offerings.

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Decem is a new UK-based brand of low-ABV spirits that providers drinkers that want to enjoy traditional cocktails with significantly less alcohol. Decem applies the same craft and distilling methods of traditional liquors such as gin and rum but keeps its products’ alcohol content at 10 percent, hence the brand name.

Decem's alcohol content is toned down, but the packaging is anything but subdued. Designed by studio Otherway, the bottles are eye-catching, colorful, and vibrant. The wordmark is raised on the label, aligned vertically, and printed in an orange gradient, and a list of botanicals and ingredients is listed underneath, using elegant typography which lends a premium feel while contrasting with the heavier sans type used for Decem’s wordmark. 

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Available in three flavors, a gin-like London Dry, an aperitif, and spiced rum. Label colors are superbly matched to the flavor, creating a pleasant and logical system. Clear bottles showcase the spirits’ hues, and each bottle gets topped with a cork stopper with simple, black-and-white tamper stickers. The back of the label features a geometric, circular graphic also inspired by the number ten in a shimmering, gold-like finish.

Rather than operating in a zero-sum paradigm, Decem recreates spirit favorites like gin, spiced rum, and aperitifs with about a quarter of the alcohol. The alcohol content might be a compromise, but the branding and packaging excel in providing an excellent bar presence, maintaining the cocktail experience, starting with the bottle.

The low-ABV spirits are available individually and in a trio pack directly from Decem in the UK.

Images courtesy of Otherway.

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