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Cabinet Health: Sustainable Medicine System

by Chloe Gordon on 02/04/2022 | 2 Minute Read

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Cabinet’s mission is to eliminate single-use plastic in medicine. Annually, there are 194 billion bottles of pharmaceutical plastic made and only roughly 2-3% of those bottles are recycled. The remaining 98% of plastic goes into oceans, landfills, and back into our communities.

Simply put, the medicines made to heal us are poisoning us and our environment.

After two years of intense R&D and working alongside the FDA, we have designed the world’s first compostable and refillable medicine system suitable for the most common medicines in the world. Our packaging consists of a refill pouch which is made from 100% compostable materials, designed specially for medicine use as well as reaching the highest compostable and biodegradable standards. The Cabinet pouch can withstand moisture, heat, and UV exposure so that a large variety of medicines are safely stored and packaged. The application of the medicine pouch covers the most common daily remedies such as pain relief, cold and flu, allergy relief, digestive health and more. This year, Cabinet will be able to cover 75% of active ingredients in the market, finally providing the healthcare industry with a safe and sustainable alternative to plastic. In the future, Cabinet will expand the sustainable packaging to include prescription drugs, liquids, powders, and creams.

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These innovations directly achieve our mission: through a Cabinet Essentials Bundle, the average Cabinet customer is able to prevent more than 3lb 8oz of plastic from entering the environment every year. Beyond a single consumer’s impact, Cabinet is integrating the model with the broader healthcare system-- including pharmacies, hospitals, and large wholesalers-- and is working toward eliminating medical plastic entirely.

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Accompanying the compostable medicine pouch, Cabinet has created a sustainable medicine bottle which is designed for human-centered healthcare engagement. Cabinet bottles are made from highly-recyclable glass which are both shatter tested and child resistant. The bottles, which are stackable for space efficiency, are equipped with a QR code for patients to speak live with a pharmacist or nurse. Human healthcare interactions help customers stay healthy, learn more about their own health, and also engage more deeply with their sustainable impact.

Cabinet is the Sustainable Healthcare CoTM, positioned to ignite urgent sustainable improvements in healthcare, one of the world’s most difficult to innovate industries.

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